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Summer in London

So it seems that summer has arrived in London.The sun is shining, the shades are on, and the tube is insanely sweaty, sounds like summer to me!Despite the fact that I am ghostly pale all year round, regardless of how long I spend in the sun, I still enjoy the feeling of warmth on my skin and in the early months of the year I find myself longing for the soothing heat of summer so the shift in weather has been a welcome one for me! I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite and least favourite things about summer in London, maybe you can relate:
1.The Southbank transforms into a hub of fantastic street performers, food stalls and the superb Underbelly festival.This all makes it a great place to be in the summer.In the past I have spent many hours lounging on the artificial grass with a rum and pineapple in hand catching some rays.This year I am hoping to catch some of the comedy shows at the festival, particularly Comedy in the Dark.
2.Exploring London’s parks is a great way to…

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